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Tuesday, 23 July 2019 00:30

5 Tennis Tips - July 2019

This month the 5 tennis tips will revolve around footwork variations and positioning for the ball.

Tennis footwork is an often overlooked area for beginner players and even some intermediate players. Many focus on the upper body and arm movements but neglect the importance of moving to a ball, being in the correct position to hit the ball and recover efficiently.


Tennis Tip 1 - Start with a Bang

Use on the split-step religiously is the best start for every shot. The trick is the timing of when to do it.

If playing from the baseline you want to be mid-air when the opponent makes contact with the ball so the split-step lands a moment after contact.

If you or the opponent are playing from the net your reaction time is a lot less so you want to make the landing of the spilt step at the same time contact is made.


Tennis Tip 2 - Get to Steppin'

Once you've done the split-step, you know which direction to move. Make the first step with the foot in which direction that is.

So, if its a forehand you need to play, step right with the right foot and continue to the ball (right-handers)

This step with help initially tur the hips and shoulder and assist the take-back of the racquet.


Tennis Tip 3 - Shuffle, Shuffle Shuffle!

My coach used to say "make some noise with those feet!". As you get close to the ball, shuffle and make little adjustment steps to the position before loading to hit.

Chances are if you take one big step for a ball you won't be in the right position. If you make lots of little steps you will more precise in your positioning.


Tennis Tip 4 - Which leg to load?

Here are some footwork positions for different shots. All are assuming you're a right-hander.



Open stance - Right leg load. For wide/defence and neutral balls. Return of serve.

Semi-open stance - Right to left load. Neutral/attack balls

Closed stance - Left leg load. Attack balls.



Closed stance - Right leg load. For Wide, defence neutral and attack balls. Return of service if possible.

Open stance - Left leg load. Wide and defence balls. Return of serve.



Closed stance - Left foot for forehand volley, right foot for the backhand volley.

Open stance - Try not to use unless desperate and can't reach the ball with the closed stance.


Tennis Tip 5 - Recovery

Now the shot has been made, you want to recover back to the middle of the two extreme angles the opponent can hit too. Ideally, push off the outside leg propelling you back and side gallop until you have to split step again.


Next time you play, try to implement some of these tennis tips and I'm sure you be floating like a butterfly all over the court, just like Federer.

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Thursday, 13 September 2018 04:19

Monday Night Winter Competition

Monday was finals night for the Monday evening competition bringing yet another competition to the end.


Our Monday evening tennis competition run across 7 courts at Marrickville District Hardcourts and has 2 divisions. Division 1 is for advanced players and division 2 is for intermediate. Teams consist of 2 players who play 2 sets of doubles and 1 set of singles to score as many games as possible. 

Our winners for Division 1 were Tabone/Butijer.

Division 2 winners were Wilson/Jackson.

The next Monday night competition start 17th September, next week! Register or get more information here.

Especially during the warmer months, this competition maintains a lot of the same players so if you're interested please reserve your place. 

Division 1 finals court:


Division 2 finals court, singles match:

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018 03:59

Junior Social Tennis

Junior Social Tennis on Sundays!


The Junior Social will run for 5 weeks during the school term as a chance for the kids to get more match play and develop their skills learnt in the lessons. We want to give the kids more experience playing the game they learn.


The social will run from 12-2pm on Sundays with refreshments on the day. There will be 2 divisions based on age/standard of play and each player will have at least 3 matches and a mix of singles and doubles. A coach will be there to organise who is playing who and keep things running smoothly.

We recommend the Junior Social to players who have had lessons for a while and can rally and serve. 2nd serve underarm is allowed if needed for younger kids.


Cost for Junior Social Tennis

5 weeks is discounted $75.

Casual days costs $20

You can bring cash on the first day. 


Term 3 Junior Social Dates:

27 Oct - 3 Nov - 10 Nov - 17 Nov - 24 Nov


If you're keen to book your place email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Places are limited to 15  kids so get in quick!

Bookings to be made by 25th October 2018.


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Thursday, 12 July 2018 05:41

Junior Tournament - Winter 2018


Junior Tournament – Winter 2018


Results from our Junior Round Robin Tournament this Winter and Photos

Normally bookings are small during winter, but this tournament had great numbers. The kids were split 2 divisions and split again into 2 pools of 5. Each pool played a round robin and the top 2-point scorers when on to play semi-finals. Player 1 played player 2 from the other pool and vice versa.

We play the round robin in fast 4’s format (excluding the let rule), then full sets for semi-finals and finals.


Tournament Results

Winners in bold below.


Division 1 semi-finalist matches:

George N. vs. Leo Ca.

Angus B. vs. Raymond T.


Division 1 final

Angus B. df. George N. 6-4

 Angus and George holding their tennis trophies


Division 2 semi-finalist matches:

Mandela D. vs. Oscar L.

Leo Co. vs. Amitesh S.


Division 2 final

Mandela D. df. Leo Co. 6-3


Leo and Mandela holidng the Div 2 trophies

Both Angus and Mandela lost their titles last tournament but were able to reclaim them this time in hard fought battles. There was a definite improvement in their mental games under pressure which got them over the line.

A big thank you to all the players who participated and parents for their support.  

Bookings open for the next tournament here:

Hope to see you there.

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Thursday, 07 December 2017 01:20

Adults Summer Tournament 2017

Four Seasons Tennis Summer Adult Tournament

Here are the results and photos of the tournament. I'll put more photos on the facebook page.


With torrential rain on Saturday and Monday either side of the tournament, we were lucky for such a wonderful day. All matches went off without a hitch with some great match-ups.


Division 1 – Albert Morrissey def. Bart James 6-2



Division 2 – Jim Clifford def. Craig 7-6 (5)

(Waiting for pic)


Division 3 - Andy Truong def. Andy Rong 6-4


Division 4 - Mina def. Jonathan 6-3


The next tournament will be 25th March 2018. Make your booking here.

We also run 4 weekly competitions a year. Check them out here.

More pics on Facebook.

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Thursday, 09 July 2015 03:18

Adults Winter Round Robin 2015

Adults Winter Tournament 2015 (Pic’s included)

On Sunday we had our Adults Winter Tournament and it was a blast. As usual there were 4 divisions with 6 players battling it out in each group. The playing conditions were perfect for tennis. The sun was out and not a hint of wind. It was shaping up to be a wonderful day.

After the speech and the rules were set out it was time to play. Best of 8 games for 5 matches each player and the 2 top point scorers play out the final for the trophy… and the glory!

Unfortunately we were missing Tony Strachan for his infamous BBQ so I had to make do. A few BBQ steaks and veggies were had, even a few beers. There's nothing better to slow down the footwork o


The cool kids...


Division 1

It was a class of regulars including David O’D who won the Division 2 round last comp. In the end John M. defeated friend Matt B. 6-3 to clench his first Four Season Tennis trophy. John uses the unconventional double handed forehand and backhand which maximises power although it was a close match. Not bad for a hangover.


Division 1 Winner John and Matt


Division 2


Two first-timers were contenders for the trophy in Div. 2. Marc F. from our Social Tennis and Marcelo H. Playing in his first tournament in Australia. Marc took it out with a 6-1 victory. It was nice to see Marcelo using the serve volley tactics but Marc had slightly more power which clenched the victory.


Division 3

It was regular players all around in Division 3. All play in our tournaments, social tennis and/or do lessons. It was the most evenly scored division of the day. In the end Ash P. defeated Rachel O’C 6-3 for his second FSTS trophy. Might have to be division 2 next time Ash.


Division 4

After waking up in Brisbane Kate B. flew into Sydney with only one thing on her mind… tennis tournament! Making a late entrance Kate ended up playing a final against the Frenchman Eric A. who eventually defeated her 5-3.


Thank you to all who participated in the tournament and those who came down to cheers friends on. It was a wonderful day and I hope to see everyone next time.

Plus, here are some more pics...


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Monday, 06 April 2015 07:49

Adults Tournament Results March 2015

Adults Round Robin Tournament Results (and Pictures)


What a beautiful day it was. The sun was out and the matches were awesome. It was great to have some new players join us as well as some usual suspects. Tony cooked wonderful steaks and the BBQ, all the matches were played with sportsmanship and everyone had a blast.


Tournament Results:


All the finals were close matches with Group 1 and 2 having tie-breakers! Ash and Katherine was only a break in it and Group 4 ran out of time for the final and was decided on points.

Group 1 David Allan defeated Rayes Caillas 7-6 (8-6)

Group 2 David O’Driscoll def. Myat Zaw 7-6 (7-4)

Group 3 Ash Pereira def. Katherine Paixao 6-4

Group 4 Elena Meluzova def. Lyn Blundell on round robin points

The next Round Robin will be 28th June 2015. The tournaments are limited to 24 players so make sure you book early.

Let us know if you want to reserve your spot. Click Here


Tournament Pictures

Here's a few snaps from the day:

Ash and Myat throwing battle signs at me.

Tennis Tournament first match

Megan and Barbara playing cross court tennis

Group 4 looking angelic in the light. Tony not looking bad either :)

Christine approaches the tennis net with a beautiful down the line approach

The cool kids waiting for their matches. Usual suspects at our tennis tournaments and other shenanigans.

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Monday, 08 December 2014 00:00

Adults Summer Tennis Tournament 2014

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