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Monday, 19 July 2021 00:38


All Group Lessons, Competitions, Socials, Tennis Camps and Tournaments are on hold while Sydney Lockdown is in place. 

Private Lessons are continuing as long as students are from the same household.

We hope to see you all back on the court soon!

Stay safe.


Friday, 04 December 2020 09:03

Holiday Dates

Christmas Holiday Break

When we break in 2020 and when we resume in 2021.



Monday Tuesday Thursday Kids and Squads

END Thursday 17th December 2020

RESUME Thursday 28th January 2021


Saturday Kids

END Saturday 19th December 2020

RESUME Saturday 16th January 2021


Kids Holiday Camps

Week 1: MON 11 to WED 13 January 2021

Week 2: MON 18 to WED 20 January 2021



END Saturday 19th December 2020

RESUME Saturday 16th January 2021



END Saturday 19th December 2020

RESUME Saturday 16th January 2021



END Sunday 6th December 2020

RESUME Sunday 17th January 2021

Tennis is Starting Back From May 16th 2020.


As the government is lifting restrictions from tomorrow, we're starting our tennis programs again... finally.

We look forward to getting the ball rolling again but want to ensure the health and safety of everyone. 


Here are the guidelines at the tennis school for the foreseeable future.


  • Ensure you follow government social distancing guidelines.

  • The clubhouse will remain closed to patrons. For which court your lesson will be on, please refer to the noticeboard which will be on the outside fence on court 1.

  • Please enter via the gate at the back of the court your lesson is on. Unless you're on court 1, please don't cross the courts.

  • For borrowing racquets, please wash/use hand sanitiser before grabbing the racquet, and once again after the racquet has been used. We will spray all racquets with disinfectant regularly each day.

  • At the beginning and end of each lesson please use hand sanitiser supplied at the gate entrance of each court.

  • Tubes won't be used to pick up balls during lessons other than if the coach has one.

  • Please stay home if you're feeling sick or have sick family members.


When do the Classes Start?


Kids Group Lessons

All kids Saturday and after school classes resume from Saturday 16th May 2020. 


Adults Group Lessons

All evening and Saturday morning adults classes resume from Monday 18th May 2020.


Ladies Group Classes

Thursday morning ladies is likely to resume from 21st or 28th May. The coach will make contact to sort.


Singles Social Tennis

Saturday singles social start back 16th May 2020. Bookings made only via Four Seasons Tennis Facebook events. Limited to 10 people.


Doubles Social Tennis

Sunday Doubles Social to resume from 24th May 2020. Places limited.


Monday Night Competition

Starting back 18th May 2020.


Private and Semi-private Lessons

All private lessons are running including semi-private lessons. Please contact your coach.


Future announcements to be made for Tennis Camps and Tournaments.


Free Trial Lessons still available for all new students.

Four Seasons Tennis School




We have decided to immediately suspend all junior group classes, tournaments and tennis camps, and also suspend all adult group classes for the foreseeable future.


For the moment, though we will still run the Adult Singles Social on Saturday and the Doubles Social on Sunday. Social distancing and other hygiene measures will be more emphasised.


Private Lessons and Semi-Privates will still be running with an emphasis on distancing rules between coaches and students. If you’re interested in doing casual private lessons in the coming weeks, please contact us and we’ll arrange a time and coach for you.


Students who have done only part of their chosen program will have those classes preserved for them and re-activated when we are given the all-clear to resume.  If you have any questions about that, or other issues, please contact us in the following ways:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    

Office:   95691660

Tony:    0421935216

Cato:    0427995977 


Cato Strachan-Brown / Tony Strachan

Directors / Coaches

19 March 2020

Tuesday, 12 November 2019 01:38

Christmas Holiday Dates 2019-2020

Check out when tennis classes will end for 2019 and resume in 2020 here.



Monday Tuesday Thursday Kids and Squads

END Tuesday 17th December 2019

RESUME Tuesday 28th January 2020


Saturday Kids

END Saturday 14th December 2019

RESUME Saturday 11th January 2020


Kids Holiday Camps

Week 1: MON 13 to WED 15 January 2020

Week 2: MON 20 to WED 22 January 2020



END Tuesday 17th December 2019

RESUME Saturday 11th January 2020



END Saturday 14th December 2019

RESUME Saturday 11th January 2020



END Sunday 15th December 2019

RESUME Sunday 12th January 2020


Tuesday, 23 July 2019 00:30

5 Tennis Tips - July 2019

This month the 5 tennis tips will revolve around footwork variations and positioning for the ball.

Tennis footwork is an often overlooked area for beginner players and even some intermediate players. Many focus on the upper body and arm movements but neglect the importance of moving to a ball, being in the correct position to hit the ball and recover efficiently.


Tennis Tip 1 - Start with a Bang

Use on the split-step religiously is the best start for every shot. The trick is the timing of when to do it.

If playing from the baseline you want to be mid-air when the opponent makes contact with the ball so the split-step lands a moment after contact.

If you or the opponent are playing from the net your reaction time is a lot less so you want to make the landing of the spilt step at the same time contact is made.


Tennis Tip 2 - Get to Steppin'

Once you've done the split-step, you know which direction to move. Make the first step with the foot in which direction that is.

So, if its a forehand you need to play, step right with the right foot and continue to the ball (right-handers)

This step with help initially tur the hips and shoulder and assist the take-back of the racquet.


Tennis Tip 3 - Shuffle, Shuffle Shuffle!

My coach used to say "make some noise with those feet!". As you get close to the ball, shuffle and make little adjustment steps to the position before loading to hit.

Chances are if you take one big step for a ball you won't be in the right position. If you make lots of little steps you will more precise in your positioning.


Tennis Tip 4 - Which leg to load?

Here are some footwork positions for different shots. All are assuming you're a right-hander.



Open stance - Right leg load. For wide/defence and neutral balls. Return of serve.

Semi-open stance - Right to left load. Neutral/attack balls

Closed stance - Left leg load. Attack balls.



Closed stance - Right leg load. For Wide, defence neutral and attack balls. Return of service if possible.

Open stance - Left leg load. Wide and defence balls. Return of serve.



Closed stance - Left foot for forehand volley, right foot for the backhand volley.

Open stance - Try not to use unless desperate and can't reach the ball with the closed stance.


Tennis Tip 5 - Recovery

Now the shot has been made, you want to recover back to the middle of the two extreme angles the opponent can hit too. Ideally, push off the outside leg propelling you back and side gallop until you have to split step again.


Next time you play, try to implement some of these tennis tips and I'm sure you be floating like a butterfly all over the court, just like Federer.

Friday, 22 March 2019 02:13

5 Tennis Tips - March 2019

Monthly Tennis Coaching Pointers - March 2019

Following on with our new 5 Tennis Tips feature to the Four Seasons Tennis Blog, today's new 5 tips are focused on the serve.

The serve is the most important shot in tennis. It gets the point started, and with a solid, consistent serve, you can dominate your matches. However, with a weak serve, you're prone to be broken on your service games and that puts you on the back foot in matches.

For recreational players, the serve can be confusing and difficult to master. It is one of the most technical movements in all sports and requires patience and repetition.

These 5 tips today are the basics and fundamentals that you build from. Focus on one at a time and practice, practice, practice!


Tennis Tip 1 - Get a Grip!

Use the continental grip for a serve. That is grip number 2, with the index knuckle on the top right bevel. This is often uncomfortable and difficult until you become used to the grip. The use of correct technique and pronation with get the most out of the continental grip.

For kids and adults starting out it is ok to use the eastern forehand grip, number 3.


Tennis Tip 2 - Ball Toss

The most difficult element to master consistently is putting the ball where it needs to be. Use a straight arm, let go of the ball at about eye height and continue the arm so it's pointing at the contact point. Aim to put the ball at 1 o'clock, that is, slightly in front of you and slightly to the right.


Tennis Tip 3 - Bend Your Knees

As you lift your arm for the ball toss, lean your hips forward under the ball and bend your knees. This helps with balance, stability and power.


Tennis Tip 4 - Where do you finish?

Move up and forwards into the contact of the ball. You should finish into the court after hitting the serve. If you're finishing sideways or backwards, not over the baseline, your ball toss is incorrect and/or you're hitting the ball in the incorrect place.


Tennis Tip 5 - Follow Through and Split

Once you've swung your arms and turned your shoulders through the contact of the ball, they need to continue and finish to the left of your body. Making sure you have a clean follow through and trajectory of the swing will ensure the ball will go where you want it to.

Once the follow through is made, take a further step to push back into the recovery position and split step, ready for the next ball.


Remember to drill these aspects of your serve, you want them to become muscle memory so you don't need to think about them in a match. You want to think about where you're going to hit the ball and place your next ball.

Happy hitting everyone!


Wednesday, 30 January 2019 02:50

2-Hour Junior Squads

Junior Squad tennis has been reformatted in 2019 and we'll be running in 2-hour sessions.


The squads are for kids looking to take tennis more seriously, who play competition, or just love the sport and want to play more!

Our Junior Squads are for intermediate to advanced players split into 3 groups: 8-11 years, 12-16 years (intermediate) and 12-16 years (advanced).

Advantages of this approach are:

  • More detailed technical analysis
  • An extension of the warmup and physical exertion component
  • More complex and beneficial drills
  • The ability to incorporate match play regularly

You can get a 10% discount for doing multiple days or for siblings.

If you're interested in participating or doing a trial please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Monday, 07 January 2019 07:18

5 Tennis Tips - January 2019

Monthly Tennis Coaching Pointers - January 2019

Following on with our new 5 Tennis Tips feature to the Four Seasons Tennis Blog, today's new 5 tips are focused on the volley and net game.

In our modern tennis era, the net game has lost its way in singles match play. With new techniques and powerful racquets creating heavy spin and fast-paced shots, you don’t always get the time to get to the net and close the point.

In doubles, the net game is as strong as ever. Tactically you want to close the net and shut down the angles, which is easier for 2 players covering the doubles court.

For players wanting to add another element to their game, or those trying to sharpen their net play, these tips will help you achieve more when closer to the net.


Tennis Tip 1 – Get a Grip!

Use the same grip for both forehand and backhand volleys, that is, the continental grip (2).

If you’re changing between the eastern forehand grip (3) for forehand volleys, and eastern backhand grip (1) for backhand volleys, you don’t have time to set up the correct technique and be able to place the ball as well.


Tennis Tip 2 – Tisk, Tisk, Wrist

Keep your wrist firm and braced when playing a volley. Most other shots have a relaxed wrist for more racquet head speed.

Try not to choke the racquet, but don’t have a wet fish hand either.


Tennis Tip 3 – Two Left Feet?

Step the opposite foot to which side of the body you’re hitting the ball on. Push off the back leg and lean into the shot, stepping the front foot at moment of contact on the ball.

Right-handed players would push off the right foot and land with the left foot when playing a forehand volley.




Tennis Tip 4 – Chicken Wings

Keep the elbows in front of the body when waiting for the ball and split stepping, then open the racquet and punch the ball in front of your body.


Tennis Tip 5 – Close the Net

The closer you are to the net, the better the angle you can play. Don’t wait back on the service line all day. Move forward and put pressure on the opponent. However, if you stand too close to the net for too long, or at the wrong time, you leave yourself open for lobs.


Thank you for reading. If you have any requests please let me know :)

Thursday, 06 December 2018 03:57

Private Lessons Sale Dec 2018

Christmas is nearly here! 

Treat your significant other, kids, friend or yourself to the greatest gift of all, tennis lessons!

We're doing a special discount on private lessons this December. Purchases will receive a gift certificate with a special msg from you.

This can be used for private tennis lessons or personal training/tennis fitness sessions.

If you're interested email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

* Purchase to be made by 25th December 2018. 
* One-time price for new clients only.